Sunday, January 26, 2014

Midwinter Update

Here's a current picture of the house:

There's a front porch now, the roof has been shingled, the windows and eaves have been trimmed out and most of the siding has been installed.

The siding is cedar with a factory applied coat of Defy Extreme Stain in light walnut. It'll need a second coat in the spring and hopefully only every 5 years or so after that.

The trim is a composite called Boral TruExterior Trim.  It's a polymer composite with fly-ash filler that won't rot, takes paint well and is very dimensionally stable. The crew said that it worked like wood and was much easier to deal with than PVC trim.  All the trim will get painted a medium brown in the spring.

The roof shingles are GAF Camelot II shingles in Barkwood.  This was an upgrade over the standard 30-year architectural shingles.  They're heavier, have a longer warranty and, of course, cost more.  What I didn't know when I opted for them, was that they are significantly more complicated to install. They're too heavy to weave together in the valleys so painted metal flashing is required instead. But what really threw the crew for a loop was that rather than every shingle being identical there are about 10 different shingles that need to be applied in a particular pattern.

Here are a few pictures of the house from the lake: