Thursday, September 26, 2013

A bit of foam

Ideally this would be the order of events, now that the framing is done:
  1. Install the windows.
  2. Apply the rigid foam insulation to the walls.
  3. Apply the water shield membrane to the roof, running past the edge of the sheathing all the way to the outside of the foam on the walls.  Hopefully water will never get to that membrane, but if it does, you want the water to flow to the outside of the foam.
  4. Apply the rigid foam to the roof.
  5. Apply another layer of plywood above the roof foam for nailing the shingles.
  6. Shingle the roof
  7. Build the porches.
But the windows aren't here and aren't due to arrive until October 2nd.  So by installing a bit of foam just in the back corner, the builders were able to get started on the back porch.

It's a bit tough to see in the picture above but there are two layers of 2" foam on that corner.  The outer layer ends about 18" below in the inner panel to keep the joints staggered.

The aluminum channel the builders fabricated
to protect the bottom of the foam from insects.

In order to start applying the water shield membrane,they've applied a bit of the foam board to
the area under what will be the eaves.

The water shield membrane covering the roof and running
out over the wall foam.

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