Thursday, September 12, 2013

Window update

Tomas from Yaro Windows called today and said that the windows should arrive on October 2.  The exterior insulation, siding and roofing can't begin until the windows are installed because the windows are going to be installed in the plane of the wall framing and have to be sealed to the exterior sheathing before the rigid foam insulation is attached.

Wall detail by Steve Baczek

When a house is wrapped in exterior insulation, windows set in the plane of the wall framing are called "innies".  You can read more about about innies versus outies at

Hopefully, between the interior framing, the deck, and the screen porch there's enough to keep the crew busy until the windows show up.

Speaking of windows, I've decided to move the kitchen window from the spot on the south wall right behind the counter to the upper part of that wall.   I gain a nice, high, almost skylight-like window, additional wall space behind the counter and a lot of privacy from the street.


  1. How did you fasten the window sills/jamb extension on the exterior? The drawing shows foam running flush with the rough opening, so there was no 2x nailer that was framed around each opening? Did you use a bracket or what?
    Thanks for the help, I'm always curious how innie's windows get detailed.

  2. When the builders actually built it they did install 2x nailers around the openings.