Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First floor deck

The first LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) installed for the floor deck.
The foundation is L-shaped and this
LVL divides the L into two rectangles.

The joists installed for the south section of the house.
These joists are 15' long but there's a beam underneath them
for added support.

Same joists from the west side (the lake side). The joists are I-joists.  This will
likely affect the way we will insulate the floor deck from the basement.
Back when we were planning on keeping the old floor deck I had asked
that the foam insulation be sprayed between the joists but also over and
around the joists to eliminate the thermal short circuit through the joists.
But that means using quite a bit more insulation which adds significant cost.
Since the I-joists have a much thinner profile the thermal short circuit is much
reduced and it probably makes more sense to just spray between the joists. 

Starting to lay the Advantech subfloor.  Advantech subflooring is another
engineered lumber product that looks much like OSB (oriented strand board)
but is stronger and repels water, rather than soaking it up and swelling.

The opening for the stairwell to the basement.  You can also see another LVL that
splits the 21' span across the large section of the foundation.

The basement's days in the sun are ending.

One more piece of band joist to go.

And the floor deck is done.
You can see one of the wall frames laying on the deck for tomorrow!

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