Saturday, August 10, 2013

The septic system

Not surprisingly the septic system failed Title V and had to be repaired.  The previous septic system was comprised of a tank and a "leaching pit" - a 4 foot diameter hole that the septic tank emptied into.  Even worse, the entire kitchen wasn't plumbed into the septic system at all, but ran out the other side of the house presumably to an unknown destination - possibly a buried cesspool.

Here are some picks of the septic system work.  Unfortunately I was on vacation and wasn't there to take pictures every day so I missed much of the leaching field installation.

That's the pumping tank nearest and the septic tank towards the back.

Excavating for the sand fill.  That's Mike Halloran,
the excavation contractor in the foreground.

The leaching field

Big pile of sand waiting to be added to the leaching field

The timber wall under construction.  This is before the piping was laid
in case you were worried about the excavator being parked there.

Piping laid and covered.

All done

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